Friday, September 27, 2013

Midnight Ramblings

If one black hole swallowed another black hole, would the dynamics of ultra gravity squared cause an explosion that would create another universe…..or would it just be a galactic fart????

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn Joy

Happy first day of Autumn!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sunflower Vignette

This is the wild variety of sunflower that grows everywhere here. These are growing by the back porch.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The View Outside My Window

It's sunflower season here. The culverts and roadways are filled with the cheerful beauty of the wild variety of sunflowers. The ones in the photo are "bird planted" from the bird feeder. These flowers are my favorite...they always make me smile. When I die, I want my ashes scattered in a field of wild sunflowers. I can't imagine a more perfect place for my spirit to fly free.

Friday, September 6, 2013