Saturday, July 31, 2010

To Hear a Feather Drop

The boys have shed their tails, so there will be peace on the prairie, at least for a little while. There will be no fighting on my new roof, no attempting to spur each other (and us if we get in the way) No calling and screeching all night at the slightest sound that could be seen as a threat. Unfortunately, there will be no more watch cocks patrolling the grounds and signaling when something…anything, enters the driveway. The good with the bad. The other good….chicks!!! Six little peafowl so far. There are still two hens sitting on nests (one in the horse feeder, lol) They’re young hens though, so the odds are not good for a hatch. Blessings. I am always filled with wonder at the prospect of new life. Nature isn’t kind, yet these babies, already complete with genetic warnings of danger, march bravely into the world to explore and survive. They put humans to shame in a certain sense. We are so quick to whine and snivel at the slightest inconvenience, and here are these little fluff balls marching in the rain to hunt for food. Lessons. I learn and forget, learn and forget. I am only human after all. But I too will persevere, if for no other reason than to prove that I too can do this thing called life. I too can march in the rain storms that life throws my way, and I can survive. Blessings, right outside my window, and deep inside my being. If they can do this, so can I…so can I.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Moon Ride

The full moon is rising, it's bringing the tide,
High with emotions and I'm gonna ride.
Flying away on the wings of a song,
Finding fulfillment and strength without wrongs.
Taking a grip on the winds as they change,
Exalting in freedoms that come within range.
Setting my mind free from tight grips that hold,
And bringing a smile with stories so bold.
Come take my hand for there's healing in touch,
Next thing is laughter, and words gentle rush.
Follow along and fly in the path,
Of the full moon's clear rising , yet feel for the
Reach for the stars and the future they blaze,
Wipe back the tears that created the haze.
The full moon is rising, come fly on the storm,
Of new hopes and dreams, and press back the norms.
Mind's flying tempest and hope's giddy flight
Can bring resolution and help find the light.
Strip away boundaries that lock you in stress
And create a new future from each saddened mess.
The full moon is rising, give it full sway,
Find new beginnings in each dawning day.
Reach out your hand, your heart and your mind,
Touching each other this way, you will find
That truth goes much deeper than senses can feel
And those new beginnings will rise... and be real.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Walking Backward

Walking backward is awkward at best,
seeing with eyes from behind.
Stalking the twilight memories
reeling past in agonizing slow motion.
Visions of past, sweet and bitter
with no purpose other than the passing of time.
A life lived as in a dream,
with reality’s shatterproof heart.
Walking backward through emotions of old
renewed over and over in silent replay….
Sweetest of all on hold - held dear,
and wanting to live them again.
Yet how can a soul reach outward and grow,
with the promise of futures unknown,
when Walking Backward………….

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010


You want too much.
Cloaking the greed in a mantel of caring,
cloaking the need even from yourself.
So easily we are lured with the complacency of friendship,
giving rise to our own hidden desire to be heard.
Questions, like tendrils snaking into my soul,
seeking to know that which I hold true and dear.
Questions clouded in the caring, to be devoured….
to feed the greed, to satisfy the need,
and leaving my empty shell behind,
Wondering what hit me.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Inspired by Native American mythos of Spider Woman.
Created in Apophysis (a freeware fractal flame program)

Monday, July 5, 2010


See me now for what I am
Proud, strong, beautiful
Reach past the discomfort of self
The deformity of perception.
See me now for what I am
Free, giving, needing
Seeking a gentle smile, a warm word.
See me now for what I am
I am the beauty who’s mind is dismissed
because of her looks
The shy one who peeks from behind
the curtain of uncertainty
I am the ugly duckling who is dismissed
because I am hard to look upon
The elder who is ignored because
my body is frail
I am the teenager who is dismissed because
my knowledge is seen as yet so new.
See me now for what I am
Here, where my heart beats, my soul flies
And my dreams dare to fill me with hope.
See me now for what I truly am
For I am you…and you
And you