Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Observation

Maybe it comes from hundreds of hours watching horses while trying to pinpoint a hidden physical problem that may be the cause of a sudden behavioral shift, but I like to watch body parts. Not in the way you think….well, I like that too, but this is a little different. I like to watch the way they move, and interact. The tendons of the forearm of construction workers….the calf muscles of runners. Peoples backs are a source of endless fascination. And hands. Talk about diversity! Rough hands, graceful hands…long fingers, crooked fingers. We all use our hands in basically the same way, but the movement is different in each person. My Great Gran had a face full of deep, wonderful wrinkles, that gave the impression of a poor, work hardened woman. But those hands were graceful and eloquent. They told the story of a woman who knew who she was…a woman who was gentle, proud, and self confident. Where the face said she was old and feeble, her hands were steady and strong, giving lie to the illusion of frailty. The parts of the whole tell more than the "face" we each like to present to the world. The parts and their movement tell the story of where we are and how we feel inside. Because we can't control the parts, they are a more accurate barometer of the mood. The next time someone crabs at you, watch the way they move. Be a little more gentle in your assessment of their current personality. Watch, and you may find the hidden pain that causes them to be the way they are.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Silent Knowing

Still waters run deep they say.
I sit and think - how untrue
Still waters sit and stagnate
Turning in upon themselves like
the churning muck of unforgiveness.
Let me be a spring instead..
Cool and clear, ever moving
To the sound of hope.
Running freely without quilt or
Remorse, to reach my true destination.
Water of life - forgiveness, joy and
The acceptance of sorrow.
The realities unblotted by the murk
Of still waters.
And the truth revealed.....
Joy within the small things,
Hope renewed in the eyes of love,
And learning to reach beyond
the limits of self.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


A study in lighting

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Right now as I am sitting here,
I wonder about the truth.
How you feel about me..
From where comes this dark root?
Don't tell me what I want to hear,
I know it isn't true....

It shows in the way you laugh too loud,
Or the way you cock your head.
As though you try so hard to hide
The feelings that you dread.
I never understood this thing,
The differences that show,
And how you try and hide it,
Called prejudice.......I know.
It comes in many forms , insidious and mean
From where I sit I just don't know
What pleasure that you glean.
My eyes are brown, and yours are blue
I'm smart and you are not.
Perhaps I'm fat or ugly
But what..tell me what,
That .....Has....to do with it???

In my perfect world ,
Each person would be blind
To all the outward things,
And dwell with flights of mind.
We'd value each uniqueness
For the treasure that is hidden,
And wipe away the hate and hurt,
That's inflicted quite unbidden.
But perfect worlds do not exist
Within my narrow sight
So I'll take you're barbs and arrows
I will not run in fright.

I have the right to be here
In this world, and try,
To make the most of what I know
And let my spirit fly.
I have the right of value
For things within my mind
Yet I still extend my hand to you.
Even though ......
you are not blind.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Teaching

In memory of my Grandfather.....

O-hay-o he said, are the words that you say,
Facing the sun, greeting the day.
Her child's hand in his, she looked in his eyes
To the innocent one, the Elder seemed wise.
You will teach me the old ways, the ones that you
You will teach me the secrets, the way that they go?
He looked at her gently, this innocent child
The one who held wonder with spirit so wild.
Hush child and watch, listen and learn,
The secrets aren't given, they must always be earned.
His head tilted back, his arms to the sky
With a voice deep and clear he uttered a cry.
Jesu Christus he sang - did the child hear him wrong?
These words, they're in Latin! They come from church
O-hay-o Great Spirit, I give you my soul
A prayer for this young one, so that she may know.
He gently reached down and ruffled her hair
Her eyes became wide- -understanding was there.
It's not what you sing or the words that you say
It's not where you stand when greeting the day.
The child knew the secret the Elder would teach
The meaning was clear and she need not be meek.
A prayer is a prayer! She didn't feel coy -
Simply sing in your heart to each day's new joy.