Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who are "You"?

I closed my Face Book page last week. No one noticed. Seriously. Not a single person on my friends list has thus far mentioned my leaving. That says volumes about me, or them…or the whole FB premise that the “I” is more important than the “you”. In my world, everyone comes with a story….everyone. All I have to do is listen. In this virtual blip blop world, the only story that is important is the mine. Millions of one sided identities who strive for the biggest friends list or the Twitter tripe that garners the most quips. I keep asking, where is the story? Who are you., what are your dreams and horrors…..what makes you uniquely “you”. I don’t want to press some vague “likes” button. I don’t want to leave a 50 character comment. I want to discuss. I miss the old MSN groups (actually, they were originally called Communities) We talked, we played stupid games, and we talked. I am one of those people who say that change is the antithesis of decay, but some changes are the actual decay. When people stop talking to each other and focus solely on talking at each other, the humanity that makes us special is slowly but inevitably eroded away. It scares me. Perhaps I can say it better here…

The souls within their eyes do speak
Calling out to hear,
See the cry within my smile
Touch this heart of fear.
Find not fault with how I am
Understanding I do seek
I am angry, quiet, bold
Perhaps you find me meek.
Each comes with a story
Feelings, hurts and joys.
And, there is within each
The need to quiet noise.
I simply take what's given,
A spark within me lights.
A tiny piece of offered soul
I'll keep it safe -
And write.

Go talk to someone. Give a tiny piece of yourself, and then really, really listen to what they have to say.
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