Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Remember

I remembered you today.
Sitting in the tattered remains of the garden,
I thought I heard your voice in the quiet chirp of
a tiny wren.
Your smile flashed at me from the swirl of the squirrel’s tail
as he sat stretched forward on a tree limb
waiting to raid the bird feeder.
I remembered you today.
Sitting there where flowers bloomed,
and vines danced along the ground.
Today there are only stark branches and the few
lonely remains of leaves clinging up high,
refusing to let go and accept their fate.
I thought I saw your bright dancing eyes as one of those leaves
fell to the birdbath, and the sun sparked
from the edge of a tiny ripple.
Memories are so fragile.
They sometimes fade to gauze, leaving only
the imprint of sadness.
The breeze bustled through the branches,
and I thought I heard your contented sigh.
The world righted, and my tears dried.
I remembered you today………
And I smiled.
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