Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dreamweaver's Memories

Words with no meaning, a voice with no sound
Curling it’s way around my heart and beckoning
Me back from the void
Touching my soul and beseeching-- I open my eyes
No one is there
Moving through the endless tunnels of darkness
Something within cries out in the terror of aloneness
And the voice without sound is there…..
Touching that place of light and hope
Giving promise of forever, and filling my heart
With the need to go on-- I open my eyes
No one is there
I remember the touch, the soundless words
As though spoken clearly near my ear
My mind sees the name and the face
Of the soundless voice in all that I do, but
No one is there
I search still for the dream within a dream-
Hope given and withdrawn, as my heart
Cries out for what never was.
And one small leaf of joy and sorrow
Blows across the face of the moon
Reminding me that somehow
I must let go, for
No one is there
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