Friday, August 3, 2012


In days of old when knights were bold
And myths weren’t suchly viewed
The gnomes did live among us
They were then in their youth
But times do change and myths they die
Replaced by faith in Truth
Yet somehow here the gnome still lives
Beneath the old tree root
I see those ageless, lonely eyes
And hear the slight despair
His heart must fill with emptiness
To think that no one cares.
So like the ones among us
Who reach out ere softly
Seeking nothing so much more
Than a simple smile - you see.
That gnome he lives in all of us
Who feel the need to seek
A comfort from the world beyond
A simple chance to speak
I greet the gnome within us all
A welcome smile , and sigh
Those ageless eyes, and empty heart
 At one time,  they were mine.

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