Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wolf Moon

Coyote -prairie wolf- the Trickster, who has survived mans single minded effort to annihilate him. I listen to them gather in the dark, calling and yipping their high pitched greetings. There is a tension in the sound driven by hunger and the need to hunt. Suddenly, there is silence as the pack moves off to find the food that will get them through another cold night and day. In the early morning they gather again, singing their greetings to each other and moving off to their dens and safe places….all but one. One lone coyote remains behind to greet the sunrise, to sing the beginning of a new day. The long sweet notes move through the air and complete the circle. In my mind I watch him move off, one with the land he roams. One with the wind and the sky. Coyote… prairie wolf, teaches of survival, acceptance and new beginnings
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