Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Thanksgiving Duck

I wrote this ove 10 years ago, and it still holds true for me today. Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving, and whether you celebrate or not, take a moment to think of the things you are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Day was approaching
The men all went out to hunt
Mom wanted a great big turkey
They came back with a single duck.
She cleaned, and plucked, and cooked it
With orange sauce and tea ,
Brought it out to the table -
Where sat twenty three…
Her nerves were a little frazzled
She wasn’t sure what to say,
A tiny little duck to serve
Here on Thanksgiving Day.
Then Uncle Bud, with grin so wide
Did break the silence there,
He stood up tall and looked around,
Then sat down in his chair.
"I’m thankful for this bounty
The food’s not great but look!
We have good health - each other,
We’ve kids, and dogs, and books".
Then each in turn spoke up to say
How thankful they each were
For friendships and the blessings
Among the many there.
Somewhere within that laughter,
The talk, the smiles, and such
The dog snuck up and snagged it -
That ‘ol Thanksgiving duck.
But no one seemed to notice,
Their hearts were full you see,
Who cares if dog got lucky
Stuffed full of duck with tea.
Perhaps it’s not the food you eat
Or how you serve the goods
It’s counting all the blessings,
Remembering all the thoughts,
That bring us here together
Whether families or online -

Happy Thanksgiving wishes all!
Have a "bountiful" time.

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