Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I don´t actually live in Wichita. I simply use it as a point of reference that people might recognize. I actually live on the edge of the Kansas Flint Hills, an absolutely magical place of prairie, wind and cattle, that seem like tiny moving objects when viewed from the road. I did at one time live in Wichita, and by way of a few strange circumstances, I found myself buying a small farm out here in the middle of nowhere. I was looking for peace, a sense of quiet, and sanctuary against what I viewed as a world gone mad. The windmill sits at the edge of a curve in the driveway. The point to all of this? If the opportunity to explore something/someplace different presents itself, follow your yellow brick road, even if it leads to your own back yard. The magic is there. Find it...capture it, and keep it within to comfort you against a world that sometimes goes mad.
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