Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Dream catcher hangs by the cradle
To dance and delight in the breeze
A toy to catch the eye
And bring a tiny smile.

Dream catcher hangs by the young one’s bed
To chase away the gloom
Like a mother’s soft touch
In the night, or a treasured doll
Hugged close against the storm

Dream catcher hangs by the old one’s cot
To remind him of his youth
A time when talismans brought comfort
It seems to only hold dust, yet he knows….

Dream catcher hangs near my heart
Holding my dreams until I am ready
To pluck one and smile at how
It has softened through the years.

He knows because he put it there
Attached with tiny strands of love
Dream catcher on the wall is a symbol
Tattered by wind and dust
But dream catcher within is everlasting….
Spun threads of time gone by
And of love to keep me safe.

Dream catcher hangs near my soul
A gift to remind me of
Small joys and hope………..
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