Saturday, September 11, 2010


Tick tock goes the clock
Counting down the days…
How soon before we forget?
Not the sorrow of the countless lives lost
Not the horror of the scenes before us.
Tick tock goes the clock
And tomorrow’s tomorrow will
Bring about the change
We will forget. We will return
To the ways of being human.
Tick tock and time will tell.
When we miss the beauty of the sunrise
The dew glistening on the spider web
A simple smile given and sent.
Tick tock…goes the clock………
Today we hold together and bond
Within our hearts
But what about tomorrow?
When the numbness wears off,
And the daily bit of living returns
Tick tock - Tick tock
Will we remember the lessons learned -
That life is a gift, living a joy
And all we have is each other
And the giving.
I wonder, and I hope.
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