Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Hallows

Bonfires burning high on a hill
Chanting and singing - voices then still
Hush child, no sound make,
Here - - or they'll see,
Silent among us is what we must be.
Mist lifting slowly, fluidly turns
Winding around the fires that burn
Look! Wide eyed in horror
See what is there!
High in the sky the spirits do stir
Shifting and moving down through the night
Quickly now! Gather here close to the light.
Fingers of fear reaching through and around
Twisting and turning and dancing aground
Flee for your lives, then someone does yell
Run fast my child 'for you end up in hell!
Fly like the wind, and the children do scream
Hope you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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