Friday, June 10, 2011

Watch Me Mom

Watch me Mom! See what I do
This game I play, it’s just for you.
She shouted loud and full of glee
Watch me Mom- -Oh please just see!
But Mom was turned away by words
Of another and never heard
She was involved with gossips tale
Her child’s sweet calls were but a frail
Calling somewhere far away
She thought there’d be another day.
Please watch me Mom, I try so hard
To do this thing here in this yard.
Just once look up and smile and wave
I need to know you love this small
Sweet child that is just me -
Who’s trying hard for you to see.
It’s just for you , for you alone…….
Mom never saw, never knew
The effort that her child did use
To call forth just one simple wave
In that park and on that day.
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