Friday, July 15, 2011


I don’t want to die tomorrow.
My mind fills with thoughts of things that will never be
My heart cries for what it will never know.
I don’t want to die tomorrow…….

I breathe in the sharp, clear mountain air,
watching the free flight of an eagle.
With my head thrown back I cry to the winds….
I don’t want to die tomorrow…teach me how to survive!
But there is only silence and the beating of my heart.

The ocean waves tease and call….
Here within the tang of salt air and the cry of the seagulls
I watch the ever moving tide flow with life, yet again there is
Silence, and the beating of my heart…..

The desert heat bakes the pain from my soul, as the sun’s radiance
Seems to welcome me. And again I cry out.
I don’t want to die tomorrow, teach me how to survive!
The desert sands only shift and flow, never answering.

As I return home to wander the meadow and pasture, I spy
A meadowlark dancing among the seed heads of the tall
Prairie grass….the relentless wind blowing against my face
One last time I reach my arms toward the sky to cry out…….
But the words will not come. Tomorrow and tomorrow and
tomorrow have come and gone. I have lived, and journeyed
And learned. I have survived….
It was all there within me to begin with.
All I had to do was look...and listen to my heartbeat.
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