Monday, July 26, 2010

Moon Ride

The full moon is rising, it's bringing the tide,
High with emotions and I'm gonna ride.
Flying away on the wings of a song,
Finding fulfillment and strength without wrongs.
Taking a grip on the winds as they change,
Exalting in freedoms that come within range.
Setting my mind free from tight grips that hold,
And bringing a smile with stories so bold.
Come take my hand for there's healing in touch,
Next thing is laughter, and words gentle rush.
Follow along and fly in the path,
Of the full moon's clear rising , yet feel for the
Reach for the stars and the future they blaze,
Wipe back the tears that created the haze.
The full moon is rising, come fly on the storm,
Of new hopes and dreams, and press back the norms.
Mind's flying tempest and hope's giddy flight
Can bring resolution and help find the light.
Strip away boundaries that lock you in stress
And create a new future from each saddened mess.
The full moon is rising, give it full sway,
Find new beginnings in each dawning day.
Reach out your hand, your heart and your mind,
Touching each other this way, you will find
That truth goes much deeper than senses can feel
And those new beginnings will rise... and be real.
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