Friday, April 29, 2011


I think I say too much, yet it never seems to be enough to quell the questions or dispel the mystery surrounding these players. Allure is the rage, yet I have an ugly side filled with insecurities about everything…will they see through the disguise and run the other way, abandoning the newly crowned queen? Will they stay, (Oh, horrors) in pity, to bow still, at my feet, while behind the hand they sigh at the sham of my identity and lack of perfection? I would prefer death to the pity…banishment, to the knowledge that I am here only by the good grace of their so called generosity, all the while being measured against some high held tally sheet of gossip. Is that the secret? Provide the gossip to run the mill, and thereby gain the safe haven without the loss of any real truth? The players…..I am one also, and that frightens me more than anything…………
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