Sunday, August 15, 2010


Right now as I am sitting here,
I wonder about the truth.
How you feel about me..
From where comes this dark root?
Don't tell me what I want to hear,
I know it isn't true....

It shows in the way you laugh too loud,
Or the way you cock your head.
As though you try so hard to hide
The feelings that you dread.
I never understood this thing,
The differences that show,
And how you try and hide it,
Called prejudice.......I know.
It comes in many forms , insidious and mean
From where I sit I just don't know
What pleasure that you glean.
My eyes are brown, and yours are blue
I'm smart and you are not.
Perhaps I'm fat or ugly
But what..tell me what,
That do with it???

In my perfect world ,
Each person would be blind
To all the outward things,
And dwell with flights of mind.
We'd value each uniqueness
For the treasure that is hidden,
And wipe away the hate and hurt,
That's inflicted quite unbidden.
But perfect worlds do not exist
Within my narrow sight
So I'll take you're barbs and arrows
I will not run in fright.

I have the right to be here
In this world, and try,
To make the most of what I know
And let my spirit fly.
I have the right of value
For things within my mind
Yet I still extend my hand to you.
Even though ......
you are not blind.
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