Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Observation

Maybe it comes from hundreds of hours watching horses while trying to pinpoint a hidden physical problem that may be the cause of a sudden behavioral shift, but I like to watch body parts. Not in the way you think….well, I like that too, but this is a little different. I like to watch the way they move, and interact. The tendons of the forearm of construction workers….the calf muscles of runners. Peoples backs are a source of endless fascination. And hands. Talk about diversity! Rough hands, graceful hands…long fingers, crooked fingers. We all use our hands in basically the same way, but the movement is different in each person. My Great Gran had a face full of deep, wonderful wrinkles, that gave the impression of a poor, work hardened woman. But those hands were graceful and eloquent. They told the story of a woman who knew who she was…a woman who was gentle, proud, and self confident. Where the face said she was old and feeble, her hands were steady and strong, giving lie to the illusion of frailty. The parts of the whole tell more than the "face" we each like to present to the world. The parts and their movement tell the story of where we are and how we feel inside. Because we can't control the parts, they are a more accurate barometer of the mood. The next time someone crabs at you, watch the way they move. Be a little more gentle in your assessment of their current personality. Watch, and you may find the hidden pain that causes them to be the way they are.
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