Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Teaching

In memory of my Grandfather.....

O-hay-o he said, are the words that you say,
Facing the sun, greeting the day.
Her child's hand in his, she looked in his eyes
To the innocent one, the Elder seemed wise.
You will teach me the old ways, the ones that you
You will teach me the secrets, the way that they go?
He looked at her gently, this innocent child
The one who held wonder with spirit so wild.
Hush child and watch, listen and learn,
The secrets aren't given, they must always be earned.
His head tilted back, his arms to the sky
With a voice deep and clear he uttered a cry.
Jesu Christus he sang - did the child hear him wrong?
These words, they're in Latin! They come from church
O-hay-o Great Spirit, I give you my soul
A prayer for this young one, so that she may know.
He gently reached down and ruffled her hair
Her eyes became wide- -understanding was there.
It's not what you sing or the words that you say
It's not where you stand when greeting the day.
The child knew the secret the Elder would teach
The meaning was clear and she need not be meek.
A prayer is a prayer! She didn't feel coy -
Simply sing in your heart to each day's new joy.
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